Tools for Domainers

Powerful tools of the trade for domain investors

Serious professionals in any industry use the best tools. Those pros know that such tools are instruments of their success. The online business ecosystem is no different. When used well, tools can be real game-changers.

We only recommend online platforms that we use ourselves to manage and grow BuyBrands business. There’s no hype or fluff here—just the best stuff that we’ve found to be essential to running a successful domain name marketplace.

Below are our chosen few platforms that we have come to love and trust.

Website Engine website has been built by the team behind ZeroOps, and we just can’t recommend them enough.

While we could set up our domain marketplace at Efty or use an excellent DAN platform, nothing can beat a custom-made solution.

Website Monitoring

This website is hosted at Netlify and outages are rare, but you need an uptime monitoring app to know exactly that. We’ve chosen the for this job, and find it excellent. For only $5, you can monitor a single website for a few months!

We use HotJar to ensure the user experience is as it meant to be. Heatmaps, Screen Recordings, etc. All works perfectly, and their cheapest plan has generous limits comparing to alternatives (CrazyEgg, for instance).

We tried using a HotJar to allow users to leave feedback, but it didn’t work out. Seeing a few thousand dollar domain name is a stress in and of itself, and showing a feedback widget to a visitor at this moment appeared to be a not so good idea as we realized after few weeks of testing.

Note: HotJar script affects page load considerably, so we suggest avoiding using it permanently. We subscribe/unsubscribe to a paid plan a few times a year only for testing new functionality.

Social Proof

If you want to show you’re trustworthy, you need to use social proof. ProveSource is the only social proof platform we use. They are very affordable and user-friendly.

Our domain name marketplace is not a busy Shopify store with hundreds of items per product, but we believe showing the potential buyers they’re not alone here (and someone else might grab the domain they want) is essential.

Email Marketing

Yesware, Gmelius and Mixmax are the email marketing platforms we used for domaining. We’ve used Yesware for almost two years, then Gmelius for nearly a year, but are currently in love with Mixmax.

Gmelius is perfect for basic business needs – ensuring your emails are being read, automatic follow-ups, etc. Gmelius has an iOS/Android app, and you can send emails while you’re on the go, but their templates and editor suck. It’s okay to use when you have 2-5 templates, but if outbound campaigns are what you need, setting up a multi-stage email becomes a pain.

Yesware and Mixmax are fantastic for reaching out to potential buyers en masse. Yesware has deeper integration with SalesForce and caters to larger businesses, but domain investor is more often than not a one-person show, so we suggest Mixmax. Mixmax’s email templates management, multi-stage campaigns and pricing plans are excellent.

Email Proof Reading

There is one more essential tool for an email hacker: Grammarly.

As Forbes put it: “Grammarly quickly and easily makes your writing better and makes you sound like a pro, or at least helps you avoid looking like a fool."

We surely don’t want to look like a fool, and we rely on this app for automatically checking the grammar, spelling and writing style of our email correspondence.