About Us

Eugene Eremenko, Founder of BuyBrands.com

BuyBrands was founded by a domain investor and internet entrepreneur, Eugene Eremenko. Eugene is also a senior maritime officer, a full stack web developer, and an affiliate marketing ninja.

BuyBrands’ domain name investment portfolio consists of over 400 domains.

We buy and sell domains since 2017, with total revenue being in the six-figure range (some of our past sales).

How It All Started: Founder’s Story

I started my seagoing career in 2001 at the age of 20. During the next 17 years, I went from Able Seaman on a 41 yo bulk carrier to Chief Mate on a modern ULCC (Ultra Large Container Carrier).

My last job on a 9,200 TEU container vessel – Summer 2018

I launched my first (e-commerce) website back in 2007 and failed. I then learned PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, and started developing online job boards related to the shipping industry.

For several years I had been buying domain names related to topics I was interested in with the hopes of one day having the time to develop them and find a way to monetize them. I still retain dozens of maritime-related domains, like shipspot.com, shipcontrol.com, shipanalytics.com, shipsnow.com, crewblog.com, crewnews.org, crewlist.org, etc. In addition to domain names in the shipping industry, I also acquired lots of short, keyword-rich names (mostly .org and .com).

Fast forward to 2018, and this domain name marketplace is up and running at bizoptions.com, which we rebranded to buybrands.com a year later.

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