How it works

General Questions

Why use instead of contacting the owner directly?

We exclusively own all the domain names featured on our website.

Although we do list our domains on reputable platforms like and, reaching out to us directly provides the best of both worlds: an opportunity to save and the confidence of a secure transaction facilitated through these well-established platforms.

Note: We must initiate the transactions on these platforms. If you click “Buy Now” on any external website, we can no longer offer any discounts.

Will I own the domain?

Yes, once purchased, you will become the new rightful owner of the domain.

In most cases, you can manage the domain with any registrar of your choice. Occasionally, if a domain has a lock or restriction, we will transfer the domain to you through the current managing registrar.

Does anything come with the domain?

No. No logos, graphics, text, or any other content currently on the domain you wish to purchase is included. You are exclusively acquiring the domain name itself. Please note that BuyBrands does not offer hosting, email, or any additional services along with the domain purchase.

Payment and Transfer

How do I know my payment is secure?

Your safety is our top priority, and we understand that despite our 5+ years of operation, you may not have heard of our website. However, you don’t have to take our word for it. The actual payment processing and domain ownership transfer are handled through trusted external platforms, such as or, using their domain name escrow services.

The primary purpose of a domain name escrow service is to safeguard both parties involved in the transaction. This service is crucial in online transactions where buyers and sellers do not meet in person and need a way to establish trust and ensure the security of the transaction.

For buyers, it ensures that the domain is transferred before the seller receives payment. For sellers, it guarantees that they receive payment once the transfer is successfully completed.

How does the domain name escrow service work?

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how it typically works:

  1. Agreement on Terms: Both the buyer and seller agree to the terms of the domain sale, including price and transfer conditions. This agreement is facilitated by the escrow service.

  2. Payment to Escrow Service: The buyer submits the agreed payment for the domain to the escrow service, rather than directly to the seller. This payment is securely held by the escrow service until all conditions of the sale are met.

  3. Domain Transfer: The seller is notified that the payment has been secured. Following this, the seller initiates the process of transferring the domain to the buyer. This can involve changing the domain’s registration details to reflect the buyer’s information.

  4. Verification of Transfer: The escrow service verifies that the domain transfer is complete. This may involve confirming that the buyer now has control over the domain, and that it is registered in their name.

  5. Releasing Funds: Once the transfer is verified and all conditions of the sale are satisfied, the escrow service releases the funds to the seller.

  6. Completion of Transaction: With the domain securely transferred to the buyer and the seller receiving their payment, the transaction is considered complete.

What domain name escrow services will we utilize?

We primarily use the following two preferred escrow services:

  •, which is owned by GoDaddy and headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  •, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, and Boston, USA.

Note: We must initiate the transactions on these platforms. If you click “Buy Now” on any external website, we can no longer offer any discounts.

What payment options are available?

The escrow services provide a variety of payment options, ranging from bank transfers to credit cards to cryptocurrencies.

For the most up-to-date information, please visit the following websites:

Do you provide payment plan options?

Depending on the domain price, we may offer a zero-interest installment plan through Please feel free to contact us for further details.