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BuyBrands’ domain sales that have been developed

Below are examples of buyers of our domains that have either developed their sites or purchased an upgrade domain and have redirected their acquisition to an existing website. 

A landing page for B-Brite 3 in 1 Surface Cleaning Powder. website screenshot 

Beehive Federal Credit Union, a member-centered credit union based in Southeast Idaho. Upgraded from to website screenshot 

Blaze Media is one of the nation's largest independent media companies. Products and programming span cable and satellite TV, subscription video on-demand podcasts, digital print, and other distributed publishing. Blaze Media is a pro-America, pro-free speech media company. website screenshot 

Organising an event or a trip? Let us collect your guests' details so you can focus on creating a wonderful experience. website screenshot 

A landing page for CareLife Diagnosis App with links to Google Play and AppStore. website screenshot 

An online store that sells T-shirts. Located in Weymouth, Massachusetts. website screenshot 

This website is still in development, but anyone can join a waiting list. website screenshot 

Nestle, the largest food and beverage company in the world, bought this domain and forwards it to its website at website screenshot 

Forwards to, an agency that creates graphic design and web design for companies looking to develop or expand their identity and marketing presence. website screenshot 

An initiative by TheSocialMedwork B.V. which is registered with the Dutch Ministry of Health in The Hague as an Independent Intermediary for Medicines. website screenshot 

Forwards to a page on, an industry leader in the manufacturing of commercial refrigeration door gaskets. website screenshot 

A website for the real estate consulting firm in Istanbul, Turkey. website screenshot 

Mark's personal website. He designs robots to enhance our future, improve mobility, and explore the unknown. website screenshot 

A coming soon page for MAXX GAMING. website screenshot 

Forwards to Nuvolo delivers the leading Facilities Management software solution native on the NOW platform. website screenshot 

Forwards to, a website for Omanson Precision Engineering, Inc. website screenshot 

Forwards to, a coming soon page. website screenshot 

This website is still in development, but there is a fancy HTML5 lander. website screenshot 

Forwards to, a website for anyone who is building or maintaining a service - from teams designing for a channel (E.g. Mobile App) or phase (E.g. Join) to managers and stakeholders. website screenshot 

Forwards to SkyTeam is the alliance dedicated to providing passengers with a more seamless travel experience at every step of their journey. website screenshot 

Forwards to, a company that specializes in providing affordable dev for agencies looking to outsource or expand on a no min no max contract. website screenshot 

TICKETS is a flights tickets aggregator. Find cheap flights from 1000s of airlines and travel agents. website screenshot 

Tutuila is the largest and the main island of American Samoa in the archipelago of Samoan Islands. The domain forwards to a page on American Samoa's Music Station website that promotes its Business Directory. website screenshot 

Forwards to a Facebook page for The Vector Initiative, a business focused on Vector arcade game and monitor salvation, restoration, reproduction, curation, and innovation. Located in Maitland, FL. website screenshot 

VPNZone strives to provide a secure environment where you reclaim your right to use the open Internet. A protected place where you’ll be safe and able to enjoy your experience without limitations and surveillance. website screenshot

Some other sales made by the BuyBrands

...and many more!

Reference: DN Journal’s 2018 Top 100 Sales Chart