Domains we've sold

Below are examples of buyers of our domains who have either developed their websites or redirected their acquisitions to existing websites.

The development process can vary significantly, and it may take a few weeks to several months (sometimes even years) before the domain becomes fully developed and operational. Please note that we do not monitor the progress of these developments. This page gets updated once or twice a year with the recently purchased domains if they have been put into use.  (Sold in July 2023)

Forwards to website screenshot  (Sold in June 2023)

Metablock invests in early stage disruptive blockchain and fintech companies/projects. website screenshot  (Sold in April 2023)

Coming soon page... website screenshot  (Sold in April 2023)

Find Halal Restaurants Near You website screenshot  (Sold in March 2023)

Build your career as a professional influencer. website screenshot  (Sold in February 2023)

Forwards to website screenshot  (Sold in December 2022)

Innovative Solutions for Smarter Living. website screenshot  (Sold in November 2022)

Welcome to the Salamandra ERC project. website screenshot  (Sold in October 2022)

Your trusted partner in healthcare. website screenshot  (Sold in August 2022)

NutraPharm, The Power of Your Well-Being. website screenshot  (Sold in August 2022)

Spiritual Companioning Services. website screenshot  (Sold in August 2022)

Supercharging AI applications by connecting them to the data they need. website screenshot  (Sold in July 2022)

Social Buzz is a full-service digital marketing agency that helps build your brand, generate leads, and keep your customers engaged. website screenshot  (Sold in March 2022)

DO MORE BE MORE website screenshot  (Sold in February 2022)

Datapad offers the easiest spreadsheet experience: highlight your data range, customize your chart & hit save. website screenshot  (Sold in January 2022)

Step into a world where vision, innovation and adaptability converge to shape the future. website screenshot  (Sold in December 2021)

Learn how to Trade and Daytrade! website screenshot  (Sold in December 2021)

Coming Soon page... website screenshot  (Sold in November 2021)

Forwards to website screenshot  (Sold in November 2021)

Forwards to website screenshot  (Sold in September 2021)

Dogs and Cats Breeds website screenshot  (Sold in August 2021)

An ultimate guide to crypto gambling sites. website screenshot  (Sold in July 2021)

Optify is a coaching solutions provider that enables transformational leadership development, empowering coaches, teams, and individuals to reach their fullest potential. website screenshot  (Sold in June 2021)

Forwards to Aspire Ability - Bridging Learning & Employment. website screenshot  (Sold in April 2021)

Forwards to website screenshot  (Sold in March 2021)

A small, woman owned consulting firm focused on delivering results with the right balance of strategy, insight, process logic, people savvy, and agility. website screenshot  (Sold in February 2021)

Carrier Foundation – Build a better tomorrow. website screenshot  (Sold in February 2021) by KOMETA is on a mission to provide a wide range of delicious, healthy lifestyle and affordable merchandise products to consumers to make their lives better and happier. website screenshot  (Sold in January 2021)

Empowering scientific literacy for a brighter world. website screenshot  (Sold in January 2021)

Focusing on leadership development, growth mindset, culture change and mindfulness. website screenshot  (Sold in December 2020)

In Bloom is a full-service wedding florist based out of New Hampshire but travels throughout New England. website screenshot  (Sold in December 2020)

We are wellness leaders & business professionals, on a mission to help humans live with more purpose, alignment & mindfulness. website screenshot  (Sold in December 2020)

Revolution Media is a new media project founded in 2020 that produces short films and documentaries. website screenshot  (Sold in November 2020)

PROTECH – We are steel, nothing steel is alien to us! website screenshot  (Sold in September 2020)

Forwards to Project IMPACT is a global effort brought to you by VisualDx to reduce disparities in medicine and highlight the tools we use to bridge gaps of knowledge and improve care. website screenshot  (Sold in August 2020)

At LIME we make life insurance EASY! website screenshot  (Sold in August 2020)

braintrain – We teach the way that you want to learn. website screenshot  (Sold in August 2020)

It seems like an everything-web-related forum. website screenshot  (Sold in August 2020)

Forwards to Award-winning eats, over-the-top CrazyShake® milkshakes, killer craft beers, and a popping playlist – all designed to deliver an awesome experience. website screenshot  (Sold in July 2020)

Forwards to Specialized in luxury rental in the main French cities, the LUXURY CLUB company provides you with prestige cars and yachts. website screenshot  (Sold in July 2020)

PharmDirect is an independent internet pharmacy specialised in the management and delivery of your medication to your door step. We aim to make your repeat medication ordering simple, saving you time and money. website screenshot  (Sold in June 2020)

Welcome to! The approach, the services, the creations and a logbook on the exploration of BEING... (translated from French) website screenshot  (Sold in June 2020)

Forwards to eTutorWorld is the best choice for K-12 Online Tutoring & Test Prep. It provides Personalized, Affordable and Effective Online Tutoring and Test Prep Help. website screenshot

The buyers defaulted on a payment plan. was returned to the market and sold again in 2023.  (Sold in June 2020)

An Online Halal Food and Grocery shop. website screenshot  (Sold in June 2020)

CentralPharma – Globally licenced and approved, providing flexible supply chain services & manufacturing, with visibility, serialisation, storage, packaging and transport. website screenshot  (Sold in June 2020)

OneLife Medical specializes in the sale & distribution of medical & PPE supplies. All our products are sourced from a global network of vetted, certified manufacturers & distributors. website screenshot  (Sold in June 2020)

Forwards to AsmaTec offers a remotely managed IT department for small and medium sized businesses with an all-in-one solution. website screenshot  (Sold in May 2020)

Studio12 specializes in providing affordable dev for agencies looking to outsource or expand on a no min no max contract. website screenshot  (Sold in May 2020)

Forwards to, a website for anyone who is building or maintaining a service - from teams designing for a channel (E.g. Mobile App) or phase (E.g. Join) to managers and stakeholders. website screenshot  (Sold in May 2020)

Forwards to OneTrust technology powers privacy, security and trust programs. More than 6,000 customers use OneTrust to build integrated programs that comply with the CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, PDPA, ISO27001 and hundreds of the world’s privacy and security laws. website screenshot  (Sold in May 2020)

Forwards to, a website for Omanson Precision Engineering, Inc. website screenshot  (Sold in May 2020)

Finance America Inc. – Financing Homes Across America. website screenshot  (Sold in April 2020)

Mark's personal website. He designs robots to enhance our future, improve mobility, and explore the unknown. website screenshot  (Sold in April 2020)

A coming soon page for MAXX GAMING. website screenshot  (Sold in March 2020)

A landing page for B-Brite 3 in 1 Surface Cleaning Powder. website screenshot  (Sold in March 2020)

A landing page for CareLife Diagnosis App with links to Google Play and AppStore. website screenshot  (Sold in February 2020)

This website is still in development, but anyone can join a waiting list. website screenshot  (Sold in February 2020)

Forwards to, the Worldwide Leader in Pitch Deck Design. website screenshot  (Sold in February 2020)

Nestle, the largest food and beverage company in the world, bought this domain and forwards it to its website at website screenshot  (Sold in December 2019)

HomesBank is an Istanbul Based Real Estate Investment and Consultancy Company. website screenshot  (Sold in November 2019) bundles editorial content around the topics of finance & investment. (translated from German) website screenshot  (Sold in November 2019)

This website is still in development, but there is a fancy HTML5 lander. website screenshot  (Sold in November 2019)

Forwards to PREMIER ALLIANCE is a group of security companies established in 2006 by highly qualified experts in the field of investigation and information, technical, military, economic security. website screenshot  (Sold in October 2019)

An index page with links to Specker Deck slides. website screenshot  (Sold in October 2019)

Forwards to SkyTeam is the alliance dedicated to providing passengers with a more seamless travel experience at every step of their journey. website screenshot  (Sold in September 2019)

A coming soon page for Dream Planting. website screenshot  (Sold in September 2019)

Forwards to Nuvolo delivers the leading Facilities Management software solution native on the NOW platform. website screenshot  (Sold in August 2019)

VPNZone strives to provide a secure environment where you reclaim your right to use the open Internet. A protected place where you’ll be safe and able to enjoy your experience without limitations and surveillance. website screenshot  (Sold in August 2019)

Total Life brings like minded people together to overcome challenges in group sessions guided by expert therapists who will leave you feeling renewed, recharged and ready to thrive. website screenshot  (Sold in July 2019)

TICKETS is a flights tickets aggregator. Find cheap flights from 1000s of airlines and travel agents. website screenshot  (Sold in June 2019)

A developer's blog in Chinese. website screenshot  (Sold in April 2019)

An online store that sells T-shirts. Located in Weymouth, Massachusetts. website screenshot  (Sold in February 2019)

KVP Inc. – Business Strategy Coaching. website screenshot  (Sold in December 2018)

Organising an event or a trip? Let us collect your guests' details so you can focus on creating a wonderful experience. website screenshot  (Sold in September 2018)

Blaze Media is one of the nation's largest independent media companies. Products and programming span cable and satellite TV, subscription video on-demand podcasts, digital print, and other distributed publishing. Blaze Media is a pro-America, pro-free speech media company. website screenshot  (Sold in March 2018)

An initiative by TheSocialMedwork B.V. which is registered with the Dutch Ministry of Health in The Hague as an Independent Intermediary for Medicines. website screenshot  (Sold in April 2017)

Forwards to a Facebook page for The Vector Initiative, a business focused on Vector arcade game and monitor salvation, restoration, reproduction, curation, and innovation. Located in Maitland, FL. website screenshot  (Sold in January 2017)

Beehive Federal Credit Union, a member-centered credit union based in Southeast Idaho. Upgraded from to website screenshot  (Sold in December 2016)

Forwards to, an agency that creates graphic design and web design for companies looking to develop or expand their identity and marketing presence. website screenshot  (Sold in December 2016)

Tutuila is the largest and the main island of American Samoa in the archipelago of Samoan Islands. The domain forwards to a page on American Samoa's Music Station website that promotes its Business Directory. website screenshot  (Sold in October 2016)

Forwards to a page on, an industry leader in the manufacturing of commercial refrigeration door gaskets. website screenshot