What is domain leasing?

Today, domain names, especially generic or keyword .com domains, have become to the internet what physical property has become to real estate.

And much like leasing a lucrative building or land in a highly-trafficked location to build your business, the same can be accomplished leasing domain names when it’s too expensive to buy the asset outright.

How does it work?

Domain leasing is similar to renting, in that you choose a domain, for an agreed length of time, for a set fee.

With domain name leasing, provisions can be included in the agreement that benefits both parties. This gives you more security because, depending on the terms, the owner of the domain is not able to take the site away at any time, as is the case with a rental contract.

Another advantage to leasing over renting is that most leasing agreements come with an option to buy. That way, if your business takes off, you can secure and protect your investment.

What’s the cost of domain name leasing?

Typical domain name leasing can cost as low as $100 and as high as $10,000. Pricing depends on the type of business or industry the chosen generic or exact match domain aligns too.

Domain leasing companies

Here is a list of companies that can be used to lease a domain name:

  • Epik.com, headquartered in Sammamish, USA.
  • Escrow.com, headquartered in San Francisco, USA.
  • DAN.com, headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Here at BuyBrands, we only rely on DAN.com or Epik.com. The final choice depends on a type of payment plan, e.g. whether or not an upfront payment needs to be made.

Bottom line

Domain leasing is the temporary use of an established domain name for a while making regular payments for the privilege. Domain leases can be simple or complex. Domain leasing avoids the high cost of domain financing while providing access to a premium domain name.

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